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Timber Bloom Creations

Creating timeless blooms for every occasion

Timber Bloom Creation designs wonderfully crafted everlasting flower arrangements with our Sola Wood Flowers.

These can be dyed to any color desired. Simply pick your color inspiration from any paint store swatches, and we can match it for a beautiful wedding theme.


Bridal Bouquets

Wedding bouquet styles are usually based on dress style.  So, before ordering flowers arrangements, make sure you’ve already chosen your frock.

The style and shape of the bouquet need to complement the dress, and shouldn’t hide the silhouette or make you look unbalanced. It's a good idea to have pictures of the dress before meeting with a florist.   

Brides Maids Bouquets 

Timber Bloom Creations generally suggests the bridesmaids have a simplified version of the bride’s bouquet. They might be a slight variation in color, arrangement complexity, or the type of fresh flowers used. Size-wise, the bride’s bouquet tends to be a good third or half size bigger than a bridesmaid’s, which is usually between six and eight inches in diameter.

Not having the same flowers for the entire bridal party is fine. In fact, one of the beautiful qualities of well-styled bridal party flowers is how they complement each other. The maid’s flowers should ultimately amplify the bride’s arrangement by mimicking its style.



Boutonnières are a floral decoration worn by men to accessorize their suit or tuxedo look for a formal event. But did you know that boutonnière is the French word for "button hole?" 

Minimal, classic styles are the most popular for any formal event, like a wedding. Usually, a single flower or bud can be a solid color that goes with the bride's color scheme and dress style.

Arch Florals

Timber Bloom Creations suggests including a wedding arch in your ceremony design. The traditional approach to decorating the ceremony space ties all aspects of the wedding together, arches provide a sense of structure. Plus, they photograph beautifully- especially when flowers are involved!

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